End of Session- 2020


My colleagues and I just adjourned Oklahoma’s 57th legislature. This session will be remembered as one of the most unique in our state’s history-- the COVID-19 pandemic changed our operations at 2300 N Lincoln and dominated much of the policy discussion. Despite these challenges, I am proud of much of the work accomplished. 

COVID-19 demanded proactive and decisive leadership. I knew that the prosperity of our businesses, our workers, and our families depended on a swift, thoughtful legislative response. I committed myself to guiding our state through this crisis as one of three Democratic legislators appointed by the governor to the CARES Act Advisory Council. There, I will provide ongoing guidance on directing the federal funds for our recovery efforts.

Furthermore, I strengthened our state’s economic well-being as a member of two Appropriations & Budget subcommittees, and the Banking, Financial Services, and Pensions and Business and Commerce committees. I was the primary author of seven economic development bills aimed at improving the state economy long-term and creating additional education and job opportunities. I spent long hours advocating to resolve claims for Oklahomans having ongoing issues with accessing their Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Paycheck Protection. Such efforts took on extra value in the face of COVID-19. 

During the shortened session, I kept sight of additional issues of ongoing importance. I worked with the Judiciary Chairman to author legislation directing the state response to the presidential directives under Operation Lady Justice, the Presidential Task Force on Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives. I am proud to have authored legislation to provide a cost-of-living-adjustment for state retirees, firefighters, and police. Lastly, I worked with state agencies to identify safety net gaps for homeless youth and reasonable solutions.  

However, Oklahoma’s recovery from this crisis requires sound policy in the years to come. The ballot box in November will largely determine if our state survives this unprecedented threat to our public health and economic prosperity. For that reason, we must approach November with a renewed sense of urgency.

Will you invest in our campaign to ensure that Oklahomans have a fighting chance?

Your contribution will allow us to continue campaigning at a safe distance, reaching out to voters through mail and social media. Please see the included envelope or visit www.chelseybranham.com to donate.  Any amount helps.

Thank you for your continued support! Oklahomans must depend on each other during these times, and we could not do this without you. Please feel free to reach out at [email protected] with questions. I wish you continued health and happiness.

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