We are asking some of our outstanding and outgoing constituents to serve as neighborhood captains.  Captains will work in conjunction with the precinct officers to reach out to voters to create that line of communication, make sure they are activated and engaged, and spread information about upcoming elections, volunteer opportunities, events, and more.


Captains will receive a list of voters in their area to reach out to via door knocking, phone, etc. You will serve as one of our most important leaders in the campaign, because you will not only be keeping voters engaged, but you will be a primary source of volunteer recruitment for our volunteer days.  The best part, everyone in the neighborhood is a potential vote for us. Thank you so much for being a leader for your friends and neighbors, and providing a much needed public service. We hope you find yourself feeling refreshed from all the progressive voters you will find around each corner.


As a captain, we ask that you maintain quarterly contact with your list, and to share social media posts and emails.  That means we need you to go to our website and sign up to receive our emails, if you don’t already, and also follow us on social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram).  You will be added to a facebook group, where we will share the posts we create. I am a list lady, so below you will find a checklist for you to complete:

  • Sign up to be a captain on our signup genius
  • Sign up for emails at > Get Involved
  • Follow us on social media: Chelsey Branham, Candidate for HD83 or Chelsey Branham for House
  • Share our posts/emails
  • Email us for a voter list and include your physical address   ([email protected]
  • Grab some friends/family and knock/call through the list
  • Let us know about any state-related concerns, challenges, brags you come across on the doors


We are happy to provide training and info to help you get started, and will have a monthly chat with all the captains to check in.



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