Write a message of support

Each month we try to send out an update and a call for support. Sometimes the message is from Chelsey herself, and sometimes it is from a member of our campaign team or a supporter, just like you.  We are asking for you all to help us tell Oklahoma why we support Chelsey and why they should too.

There will be a template below to help you craft your message. Thank you so much for your support in helping Chelsey return to the Capitol to serve us. It would not be possible without each of us.


Letter Template:

Introduction (1-3 sentences)-Introduce yourself to the readers.  Explain why you are invested in being civically engaged, and make an ask of the reader to do the same.  Feel free to connect this to a monthly awareness campaign (Oct. is awareness month for: domestic violence, Hispanic Heritage, Indigenous People’s Day, etc.).


Connection (2-5 sentences)- explain how you came to know me, and why it is that you choose to support me with your time, talent, and money.  Tell your neighbors what you’re most proud about that we are doing. Make a hard ask for the reader to do the same, whether it’s 1 hour, $1, or whatever they can contribute.


Call To Action (2-3 sentences)- Summarize with why it is important for then to get engaged and help us out (i.e. we already have an opponent; Chelsey cannot do this without you; it takes investment to make change happen, and we need to invest in Chelsey; etc.). This is where you really drive home why you believe in Chelsey and what she is doing, and inspire others to do the same.


Once we blast these out, please consider forwarding them to your friends, and asking if they can chip in or ask others to chip in.  Together we can make this lift, with everyone making small investments in a brighter future.