Victory on Decision Day 2020

Victory on Decision Day 2020

Representative Chelsey --

Today 2SLGBTQ+ community members got a win, and will now experience a few more protections under the law.  Thanks to the tireless fight of Gerald Bostock, Donald Zarda, and our trans sister, Aimee Stephens, and the logical ruling of the Supreme Court, we no longer have to fear that we will lose our jobs just for being ourselves.  Although Ms. Stephens and Mr. Zarda have passed, the impact of their courage and bravery will live on in perpetuity of the law. Today, we can be just a little bit easier. 

Our fight is far from over. Will you invest in our state representation?

This morning we got the Supreme Court Decision on the interpretation of Title VII protections under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Justice Gorsuch delivered the opinion that discrimination of individuals on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, is in fact, discrimination in part on the basis of sex, granting a landslide victory for the PRIDE community.  

Celebrate with us by investing in 2SLGBTQ+ representation!

Although we must celebrate with PRIDE today, we must continue the fight tomorrow.  Oklahoma is among the worst states in 2SLGBTQ+ protections and discrimination under the law.  Supporting voices like mine helps to ensure these discriminatory statutes do not go unchecked. Please consider donating to my campaign for reelection today to maintain our voice in the Oklahoma Legislature. Visit our website to volunteer or donate today:


Representative Chelsey Branham

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